Doyle: Siting bill sends message to wind industry

Posted on October 1, 2009. Filed under: Wind |

From a Tom Content post on JS Online:

Gov. Jim Doyle said Wednesday his signing of a wind siting reform bill into law should serve as a call to wind developers who have been avoiding building projects in the state to think again.

“It signals to the world that Wisconsin is in the wind business and that we intend to be one of the leading states in production of wind energy and components that are necessary to harness that energy,” Doyle said as he signed the wind siting bill into law.

Though Doyle and other political leaders have been supporters of renewable energy, wind-industry developers have been hesitant to be active in the state in part because of a patchwork of local ordinances governing any wind farm under 100 megawatts — and because of state Department of Transportation permitting problems that made it cumbersome to transport wind-turbine components across the state.

“The wind industry — some felt that it was just a difficult place to do business,” Doyle said after the signing ceremony. “But this is a huge step forward.”

The siting law will require the state to develop specific standards that would be enforced statewide. That process could take up to a year.

“This is not the end of the process, it’s really just the beginning,” said state Sen. Jeff Plale (D-South Milwaukee), noting there will be plenty of opportunity for neighborhood groups and others concerned about wind power projects to weigh in as the Public Service Commission develops new standards.


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One Response to “Doyle: Siting bill sends message to wind industry”

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The signing of the Bill and the foolishness that will follow in the next few months puts Wisconsin on the tail end of something that just doesn’t work. Wisconsin is no longer a leader but rather another follower drone of the wind industry. I can hear the chant starting at the Capitol already, yes master wind is wonderful, yes master wind is wonderful.

I attended the Assembly session and it was interesting how this switched from a siting bill to a jobs bill. Here is a great idea to create jobs in Wisconsin.

Green Jobs for Wisconsin
Wind vs. Horse Power

Let’s start with a quote from wordsmith and energy expert Dr. Jon Boone.

“Wind technology is ancient stuff. It was largely discarded in the early nineteenth century because it is incompatible with the precision power machinery enabling modernity. Its variable, non-dispatchable flutter is inimical to the steady high-level performance characteristic of contemporary power systems. Today’s grids can ‘integrate’ anything, including wind and horse ‘power,’ if their political bosses so decree.”
The RPS electrical energy mandate makes no more sense than would a dictate that we convert 25% of our modern transportation to horse drawn vehicles. To be consistent, “green” advocates should be zealously embracing such a regression, because getting so many gasoline vehicles off the road would actually result in significant CO2 savings, much more so than with the electrical RPS.

But, just like with wind energy, there would be an environmental penalty. Tens of thousands of horses would be defecating and urinating on roadways, effectively turning them into open sewers. So we would be getting cleaner air at the expense of more polluted waterways, and increased human health problems.

The good news is that thousands of new Wisconsin jobs would be created in the manufacture, service and accommodation of horse-drawn transportation. Additional thousands of jobs would develop via horse farming, veterinary, and numerous related services industries, barn construction, feed, supplies, the Janesville GM plant could produce the buggies and stagecoaches we would need etc.

Could we adapt our modern highways to this new use? Of course, just as with the electrical grid, we can modify anything if enough money is thrown at it. So add more thousands of new jobs for constructing and operating manure digesters producing real dispatchable electricity, new traffic lanes, new sanitation engineers to clean up the horse droppings each day, and on and on.

So there you have it: horse power technology would provide superior global warming emission reduction benefits, as well as exceptional economic development gains. What’s not to like?

So exactly why doesn’t the Wisconsin Energy Plan actively support this transition too?

You’ll have to ask the environmental groups that support wind energy and of course the PSC, but our guess is that they instinctively realize that such a change would be a foolish waste of money, as well as being a step backward instead of going forward.

If only they had such insight regarding what amounts to almost the exact same horse’s patootie choice: wind energy!

Congratulations to RENEW you have worked very hard and effectively to push the siting bill.

Jim Bembinster

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    A statewide nonprofit dedicated to promoting economically and environmentally sustainable energy policies and practices in Wisconsin.


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