Portrait of a paid lobbyist: Bob Welch

Posted on September 11, 2009. Filed under: General |

In an Isthmus article filled with character assasination, anti-wind cartoonist Lynda Berry reached new lows when she said that Clean Wisconsin and RENEW are “paid lobbyists rather than environmenal groups . . .”

For some reason Lynda and her crowd can’t see that they have their own paid lobbyist, ultra-conservative Bob Welch who has never been an environmentalist in all of his years in politics.

Here’s who pay Welch and the amounts for the first six months on 2009:

Coalition For Wisconsin Environmental Stewardship, the anti-wind group: $15,000 When Welch testified at a legislative hearing, he was asked where in Wisconsin should turbines be located. His quick reply, “Lake Michigan.”

Safari Club International, Wisconsin Chapters, which lobbies for wolf delisting: $13,200

Swisher International, Inc., a cancer-dealing tobacco company: $31,500

The Washington Center, whose Web site thanks “Ford Motor Company for being the presenting sponsor of Gala 2009,” it’s $250 per person party. Welch: $5,500

Wi~Force (Wisconsin Firearm Owners, Ranges, Clubs & Educators, Inc.), which opposes handgun regulation: $3,000

Wisconsin Bear Hunters Association, which celebrated the defeat of a Congressional effort to ” would have banned the import of polar bear trophies.”: $8,400

Wisconsin Bio Industry Alliance: $37,500

Wisconsin Broadcasters Association: $18,377

Wisconsin Coin Community Alliance: $5,000

Wisconsin Corn Growers Association: $7,500

Wisconsin Occupational Therapy Association: $2,200

Wisconsin Wine and Spirit Institute, which opposes legislation to increase the tax on fermented malt beverages to fund law enforcement grants and alcohol and drug abuse treatment and prevention programs: $67,069

Total compensation for 6 months as a paid lobbyist: $214,246.

Annualized compensation: $428,492

Yep, Lynda. Bob’s your kind of conservationist — smokin’, drinkin’, and killin’ anything that moves.


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5 Responses to “Portrait of a paid lobbyist: Bob Welch”

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Bob Welch isn’t even mentioned in the article.

This post is far below the professional level that you have demonstrated in the past.

Please clean this up.

The post needs no “clean up.” Everything comes from the public records of the Board of Government Accountabiliy. Check its Web site — http://gab.wi.gov.

You’re right, Kitfox. Welch isn’t mentioned, which is exactly why the article failed every standard of journalism.

How can the writer parrot Lynda Barry’s criticism of paid lobbyists when he doesn’t even mention how she and CWest pay Bob Welch $15,000 for six months of work? A Journalism 101 prof wouldn’t even give the article a D-. How does Lynda think she’s some kind of purist when she pays Bob Welch, a clearly anti-environmental hired gun, who will turn to a turbine supporter if someone else pays him more than CWest.

Who pays for Lynda’s anti-wind Web site? The coal industry? Nuclear industry? Utilities who don’t want independent companies putting up wind generation facilities in Wisconsin?

RENEW’s operations pass the test of public disclosure.

Come clean, Kitfox. Who are you? Why are you afraid to use your real name in public? Who pays for your anti-wind activities? What’s your connection to ultra-conservative Bob Welch and CWest?

Stop hiding behind an anonymous name.


Ed you have gone into orbit over this article.

You threatened to lock me out of your blog for what you perceived as an attack on someone. Now you are in afterburner attacking people and their beliefs. I think you should lock yourself out for a few days until you cool down.

The comments in the article were no worse than those made by your Prof. Allen a few days ago.

If you really want to attack me I’m game, you know I’m good at it when I get started, but will that get us anywhere, probably not. So lets not.

By the way this post is a great advertisement for Bob Welch. If you were part of a group looking for a lobbyist that was going to give you the most for your money why you would look any further than Bob.

You have lowered your bar with this post. It’s in your own best interest to remove the entire post for the weekend and re post a cleaned up version that is more in your professional style on Monday.

Jim Bembinster

Remove the entire post and take the weekend off, you deserve a break.

I appreciate the advice on cooling down, but the post stands.

The point of the post is to counter Lynda Barry’s bashing wind advocates for being paid lobbyists, apparently an evil creature, while totally ignoring the anti-wind group’s payments to their own paid lobbyist, who will say whatever he’s paid to say.

RENEW has been advocating for wind and other renewables for 20 years — long before Lynda moved to Wisconsin in 2002.

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