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From an editorial in the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel:

No one should consider the radar problems posed by a Dodge County wind farm as a reason to slow the push for more wind-generated power in Wisconsin. While the issue needs to be explored, it isn’t significant enough to warrant slowing down the move toward more renewable energy.

The state needs more wind farms and other renewable sources if it’s going to move away from fossil fuels that help contribute to pollution and climate change.

According to the National Weather Service, the wind farm’s turbines are sending false storm signals to the government’s weather radar system. Weather service officials say they see no significant public safety threat, although they say the wind farm could confuse some storm watchers.

Meteorologist Marc Kavinsky told the Journal Sentinel’s Scott Williams that the approaching summer storm season will be the federal agency’s first opportunity to gauge the wind farm’s full impact.

Just outside the Dodge County community of Iron Ridge, the wind farm includes 36 turbines that began operating over the past few months, generating electricity for several surrounding communities.

A spokesman for the owner of the wind farm, Babcock and Brown Ltd., said the company has not encountered a similar problem with any of its other 24 wind farms operating throughout the country.


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One Response to “Forward on renewables”

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From an editorial in the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel:

No one should consider the radar problems posed by a Dodge County wind farm as a reason to slow the push for more wind-generated power in Wisconsin. Why should anything slow this gold rush attitude toward wind power? Who cares if wind turbines look the same as a tornado on weather radar? The chance of a tornado hitting your house is slim. If the other wind farms either proposed or under construction also interfere with weather radar, so what. What’s the big deal if a storm watcher is confused?

Med Flight service has been taken away from citizens inside wind farms. Who cares, the odds of it being one of your family members that may require this service is remote. Nothing should slow wind development.

Wisconsin is an agricultural state but who cares if crop yields go down 30% or more because crop dusters will not spray inside or a one half mile boundary outside a wind farm.
If the cost of vegetables goes up at the grocery store it’s worth it. Don’t complain, just pay the extra cost.

We so desperately need wind power that no impact to the citizens of Wisconsin should slow the development of this highly subsidized, intermittent, non dispatchable, unreliable source of renewable energy. Who cares if wind power has never reduced CO2 emissions anywhere in the world, we still should push forward. Why would you care if your electric bill increases by a factor of 5 as long as you can look out your window and see a wind turbine?

Pay no attention to the new coal plants that will need to be built to back up all the new turbines. Look forward to the new patchwork of transmission lines that will be built to connect the 10,000 turbines that we need.

Disregard any attempt by responsible biomass experts who can generate all the renewable energy Wisconsin could ever need at a fraction of the cost of wind power.

Babcock and Brown Ltd. is a real stand up bunch of guys you can trust. Even though there may be a little snake oil mixed in with there comments trust B&B, the wind developers, the PSC, and of course the editorial staff at the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel they know best.

Call, write, or better yet visit your state Rep. and Sen. and tell them to abandon wind power, there is a better way.

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